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The App

Chargypoints charging devices remain inactive. For a user to interact with them, you must register in the Chargy App, and once registered, you can access its features.

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What do your customers want?

  • Low battery level
    Low battery level

    The App will notify you when your phone’s battery is running low

  • Chargypoints geolocation
    Chargypoints geolocation

    The App will indicate the location of the nearest charging points.

  • Communications of your favorite brands
    Communications of your favorite brands

    Promotions, personalized messages, personalized offers …

  • Share with your contacts
    Share with your contacts

    Your location, the info of your favorite places …

Low battery?

Charge it with the Chargy App. Access our network of Qi wireless charging locations; We are expanding in Europe and Latin America ! Our Locations

Check out where we are currently operating.

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