How does wireless charging work?

The Chargypoint has an induction coil which creates an electromagnetic field that can be used by the device, our smartphone, which also has an induction coil – to receive that energy from the electromagnetic field and convert it into an electrical current to recharge the battery. This technology is very efficient and safe compared to traditional charging via a cable.

What is Wireless Power Consortium?

The Wireless Power Consortium was created in 2008 and it is an open cooperation of Asian, European and American companies from various manufacturing industries. Its aim is to create a global standard for inductive charging technology.

Which companies form WPC?

There are over 100 businesses who are members of the WPC. Amongst the most noteworthy: Sony, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Panasonic, Verizon, etc.

How can I get in contact with the Service Technician at Chargy Technologies?

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What is the charging time with Qi technology?

The charging time is virtually the same to that with a cable. However the Wireless Power Consortium, the organisation responsible for Qi wireless charging standards, has annonced that Qi now allows up to 15 W of power. With this new feature, Qi technology has now caught up with the rapid charging solutions such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Qualcomm, charging 60% of a battery in just 30 minutes (depending on the terminal).

Is Qi technology safe?

Yes, there are no health risks.