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Chargy Smartbox

Chargy Smartbox

We have developed a device by which we provide intelligence to any induction or USB charger in the market.

If your business already has charging devices of any brand installed in the furniture, you can couple our Smartbox and start using our smart charging technology./

Why choose our induction chargers?

  • Easier mobile charging
    Easier mobile charging

    We have different types of induction chargers, visible or invisible, as well as models that also incorporate Micro-USB and USB-C ports.

  • Compatibility

    Qi is one of the market standards created in 2008 by Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), and it is already being incorporated by manufacturers such as HTC, Xiaomi, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony or Apple.

  • Improve the customer experience
    Improve the customer experience

    Chargy is a simple and elegant solution that allows customers to recharge their portable devices – smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones, cameras … – anytime, anywhere, without cables and plugs.

  • We offer much more
    We offer much more

    Our smart wireless charging devices offer an incredible potential to our customers thanks to their power of data collection and analysis that is displayed in real time in our dashboard.

Works with any smartphone

Our chargers incorporate USB outputs for those smartphones that do not have the Qi technology.
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